Ruth Birch

Operations Manager-Veterans Community Worker Cymru / Wales and FWP Training Officer

Ruth joined the Army in February 1987 as an Analyst in the Intelligence Corps. She predominantly served in B.A.O.R. and Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’, where she received a commendation from the Prime Minister of the time, John Major.

Both Ruth and her partner at the time were interrogated by the SIB, and although no evidence could be found, her partner was sent on a six-month tour to Cyprus to split them up.  It proved too much with the continuous harassment and SIB continuing to investigate that after seven months apart, they were forced to split up.  Twenty-five years later, by some miracle, they were reunited and have been married for seven years.

Ruth recently left HM Prison Service, after serving 25 years. During this time, she engaged with and supported veterans including staff and prisoners. She was also the prison lead on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity setting up focus groups, writing and delivering training programmes to staff and prisoners.

Ruth is a member of her local RBL and has also been the branch Chairperson and was involved in the organisation of the annual Poppy Appeal. She is also a member of her local RAFA Association and Veterans Hub. Her motivation for working for ‘Fighting With Pride’ is because she feels that she has come full circle, finally coming ‘home’ back into the ‘military family’, and it is her aim to bring the LGBT+ Veterans back home where they rightly belong.

At the Welsh Veterans Awards in 2023, Ruth won ‘Inspiration of the Year’

Ruth lives with her wife and two mad spaniels in South Wales. She is a campanologist, surfer, kayaker and volunteers as a tractor driver for her local RNLI station.

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