Fighting With Pride (FWP) is a new military charity, created on the 20th anniversary of the complete lifting of the ban on LGBT+ service – the ‘gay ban’.

We are here to support LGBT+ Veterans, serving personnel and their families, particularly those who were affected by the ‘gay ban’, ultimately lifted on 12th January 2000. Before then, thousands of LGBT+ service personnel were removed or forced from service and abandoned, after serving with pride. In the years ahead it is our aim to restore the military covenant and bring this community back into the military family.

We are working with Veteran supporting organisations to build capacity for LGBT+ Veteran support, to recognise their service and help resolve the challenges they face in their lives beyond military service.

FWP is a ‘lived experience’ LGBT+ charity, supporting those seeking help and a resource for those who seek to help them.

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As a new charity, FWP is working hard to build our service to connect LGBT+ Veterans to organisations that can help them and stand with those in need. We will do everything we can to provide useful information and signpost ways to get help. We are working with a wide range of organisations to make sure that our LGBT+ Veterans, serving personnel and their families receive a warm welcome wherever they seek help.  Our specialism lies in the ‘lived experience’ of our team.

FWP is the LGBT+ military charity, we are here to listen, understand and support. Please contact us and let us know how we can help

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