We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘Fighting With Pride Guide To Help & Support 2024’.


Three of the pillars of action for Fighting With Pride (FWP) are Direct Support, Community Building and Capacity Building. In partnership with The Veteran UK we have produced a resource to showcase our community, highlight the direct support we are gaining from partner organisations, government and service chiefs and list the many organisations joining our Pride in Veterans Standard (PiVS), expanding our capacity to reach LGBT+ veterans, serving members, reservists, adult cadet force members and their families.

This is our inaugural digital version, focusing on the community and listing the rapidly growing number of organisations joining PiVS and offering services and support to you. It shows organisations, local and national, that offer support from housing to employment, education to therapy, social networks to physical and mental health services and so many others, and who, as members of PiVS, have shown a commitment to the particular help and support needed for LGBT+ veterans and families.

In June 2024, this will be joined by a magazine publication, in hard and soft copy, with more messages from our supporters and stories from PiVS organisations, telling of their campaigns and actions to make their workplaces, service offerings and environments more welcoming and inclusive to our community.

In the Lived Experience pages of the digital copy, you will see some of the powerful and engaging short stories our veterans have written of what happened to them.


You can read or download the guide from the FWP website HERE.


For June’s full version of the magazine, we would love to publish more of your stories. You can see the format from those we have already published. They should be around 400 words, with an absolute maximum of 500, and include the best-quality photo you can find from your time in service, and another photo from today.  Please submit these to info@fightingwithpride.org.uk by Friday, May 17th, ideally sooner, so we can get them to our partner, The VeteranUK, for formatting to print.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the Directory, please contact kevin.bazeley@fightingwithpride.org.uk



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