Dear FWP Community and Supporters,

After a period of intense work by our Executive and Trustees, our amazing veterans, Members of the FWP Coalition Group, Members of the UK, Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and organisations across the UK that support our work, the Government was held to its commitment to a full Commons debate in the New Year.

Every MP that stood in the Commons today questioned the validity of the £50M cap, and Ministers left the floor fully aware of the overwhelming opposition it faces.

MPs from all parts of the commons described the £50M cap on funding as arbitrary ,unworkable and raised concerns that it offers no guarantee of fair compensation for veterans, whose treatment has been described by the Prime Minster as ‘a stain upon the nation’.

In the last few weeks, veterans have raised awareness of our campaign with your own MPs, which resulted in many enquiries to Defence Ministers and during the debate, we heard MPs refer to the harrowing stories of what happened to you as they expressed their overwhelming support for fair compensation.

Today, we demonstrated how together we can make a difference and we took important steps forward towards ensuring a better future for those who have been so greatly affected by the ban.

It is inevitable that we have focussed upon concerns about the compensation scheme.  We acknowledge the huge amount of well-intended work that has been done to progress 48 of the 49 recommendations made by the LGBT Veterans Independent Review.  We have been particularly pleased and grateful for the work completed by the MOD.  We look forward to working with all stakeholders to resolve concerns about the plans for fair compensation.

The Government’s Restorative Measures Registration Form has opened today, we will welcome your feedback and viewpoints.  Your opinions continue to be instrumental in guiding our work; please keep them coming.

Thank you for all that you have done.  We look forward to the debate and will be in touch soon!

Best Wishes

Craig and Caroline

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