Caroline Welsh
Chair of Trustees (Interim)

Wren Operator Mechanic (Communications) 2 | Women’s Royal Navy Service | 1993 – 1995
(She | Her | Hers)

Caroline joined the Royal Navy in 1993, fulfilling a long-held ambition of serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. She was unfortunately forced to leave only 2 years later, in 1995, after falling pregnant with her first daughter. At the time it was thought that having and raising a family was incompatible with employment in the Royal Navy.

Since then, she has become a leader in the field of marketing, and later a specialist in business transformation, working with brands across the UK and Europe. She is currently the Customer & Trading Board Director at Brico Depot Iberia, working from Barcelona whilst commuting from her family home in Dorset. She is the first female board member of Brico Depot, a selfless mentor to other female leaders, and is a strong advocate of equal pay and opportunities for all employees regardless of gender.

Caroline has been working with Fighting With Pride since mid-2020 as ambassador, providing advice and guidance to the Joint CEOs on marketing and business development. She became a trustee in December 2021 and took on the role of interim Chair of Trustees in January 2022.

Her work with Fighting With Pride is driven in part by her own experiences of losing a much loved career in the Royal Navy, drawing parallels between two equally archaic mindsets about what is, and what is not, compatible with service life.

Outside of work Caroline is a proud mother of three girls and grandmother to her beloved granddaughter.  Along with her husband Michael, it is this family which Caroline credits as her inspiration to keep pushing boundaries and on whose unwavering support she gratefully relies.

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